gingerbread Be sure to click on the word to get the full description so you don't mistakenly use a word like scorrat as a verb (hint: it's a noun). Carry-out, also known as take-out, is what you get… Junk food: food that is not very healthy and is always easy to prepare so that you can eat it immediately. a bite noun. parsnip boysenberry sausage binge eating; bite; bolt; break; break bread idiom; breakfast; cannibal; cannibalism; cannibalistic; chow; chow down (sth) comfort eating; comfort-eat; consumable; consume; consumption; cram; cram sth … steak Related Words. eating habits/patterns (= what someone eats, and when they eat): It will take time to change your children ’s eating habits. bite. marshmallow 49 synonyms of eating from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 136 related words, definitions, and antonyms. papaya pumpernickel The teacher had to eat humble pie when she was the one who made errors in the final grades. a small meal, especially one that you eat in a hurry. Gud use of vocabulary ,thanks alot .its beneficial for me and others too . A dog's dinner. Food is one of the great pleasures of life, but if you have too much of a good thing it can be bad for your health. peanutbutter straw pork By learning this vocabulary and using it to answer various questions about Food on IELTS Speaking test, you will achieve a high score. Well, here is a list of 450 words you can use when food is present in your story. 3. À la carte. blackberry ch_color_title = "0D37FF"; Food. Drink vocabulary; wine, water, drinks. pepperoni pitcher A main dish of a meal. Find another word for food. They can then create their own “talking about food” conversation. maize Pancakes are an international food and come in many variations. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, English as a Second Language (ESL) Expert, A Drink at the Bar: Dialogue and Vocabulary for ESL Learners, Names of Professions and Jobs for English Learners, Practice Restaurant Dialogue for Ordering Food, English Language Practice: Ordering at a Restaurant, Using "Would You Like to Order" in a Restaurant, How to Use the Conditional Tense in German, Basic Conversations for English Language Learners, M.A., Music Performance, Cologne University of Music, B.A., Vocal Performance, Eastman School of Music. sunflower Travelling to Italy on business. Pizza originated in Italy. What are some of the consequences of drugs, alcohol or tobacco to one's health? rotten - This meat smells rotten. 3. ch_client = "Thangavel1"; Many people also go out to eat dinner once or twice a week. consume, ingest, partake (of), put away, put down, tuck (away or in) 2 to consume or wear away gradually. carrot strudel Vegetables II spoonful - Add two spoonfuls of sugar to sweeten. unripe - Many types of fruit are picked unripe and become ripe as they are shipped. mustard crunch On this page you can find very useful IELTS speaking vocabulary for Food topic. It makes you wonder why there are so many words related to hunger and the act of eating. sprouts Learning the words will come easier when the food is right in front of you and just asking to be eaten! But how do native English speakers talk about food? biscuit, bitter A norange. pastry syrup. blackbeans Food and Eating Vocabulary Word List : August 6, 2015 at 12:47 pm. popsicle bolt. A gastropod. swallow - If you swallow too much you might choke on your food. cottage cheese Gouda cheese, macaroni having a meal. heat - Heat up the soup and make some sandwiches. bland coffee Learn English Vocabulary - Eating out vocabulary - how to book a table, order a meal pay or complain. mustard greens 22 synonyms of food from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 32 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Children are never given knives before they’re old enough. cassava 3. Cook vs. chef (nouns) A cook is a person who prepares food. snack food, especially "junk" food.Let's get some bogchi, man. 2.Hamburger got its name from Hamburg, Germany. stomach Potato chips are not ___. This list describes both the taste and in some cases the texture of the food in question. Growing up eating traditional Italian dishes, our family learned to appreciate the beauty and history of one of the world’s most cherished languages. It's original name was Hamburg steak. Food facts! Lemons taste ___. Other useful words related to cooking. //-->Words by Theme Index The words below are some of the most important used to talk about how food tastes, the condition it is in, and how we cook. capers pork chops, pot cook - What would you like me to cook for dinner? dates, dessert summer squash Food is loved and praised around the world for more than just its ability to fill a space in the gut - with each bite, remember you are not alone in your enjoyment with these 20 sayings. À la carte. Similar to the American pancakes are French crepes, Russian blini, Italian cannelloni and Mexican tortillas. An English vocabulary list of useful words and phrases to use in restaurants, cafes and bars when eating out.